Our programs are initiated, submitted and controlled by an independent Scientific and Pedagogical Council composed of international experts.


Gérard DINE, Chairman of the Board, presents the Board, its members, its missions and its organization.



Validate the training programs provided by KINESPORT, pedagogical processes, training materials, the bibliography on which these materials are built as well as tools for evaluating prerequisites, transfer of knowledge in work situations and pedagogical (continuous assessment and end of training). 


  • On the training evolutions to be implemented to meet the changing needs of the physiotherapist profession.
  • On the positioning of KINESPORT on a given target (structures, audiences ...).
  • On the recognitions likely to be obtained for our training courses.


  • Give an opinion on the choice of KINESPORT trainers and the training areas entrusted to them.
  • To pilot and advise Kinesport on professional events (congresses...)
  • Validate and advise on KINESPORT publications. 


  • Ensure compliance with the decrees of acts and ethics.
  • Contribute through its opinions to a complete and homogeneous application of the rules relating to the prevention of conflicts of interest

composition and functioning 

The members of the Scientific Council are appointed for 3 years, renewable twice. The President appointed at the creation of the Scientific Council is Gérard DINE. His mandate will be for 3 years. Then the Scientific Council elects a President and a Vice-President from among its members for a period of 3 years, renewable once. 


The Director of KINESPORT, in the person of Mr. Arnaud BRUCHARD, or any person designated by him to represent him, participates by right in the meetings of the Scientific Council. The Scientific Council may decide, if necessary, to invite a representative of a body or structure to facilitate the treatment of a specific point on the agenda of the meeting. In this case, the presence of the representative is only required for the time required to deal with the corresponding item. The Scientific Council meets a maximum of 4 times a year, once per quarter. Minutes are drawn up at the end of each meeting for action to be taken.