Leader in continuing education in physiotherapy in France 
and in Sports Physiotherapy in Europe.


KINESPORT is specialized in kinesitherapy, manual therapy and sports training. Founded in 2002 by Arnaud BRUCHARD, the training center welcomes today more than 2000 trainees per year.

Kinesport's vocation is to develop the skills of masseur-physiotherapists in the field of sports physiotherapy, manual therapy, coaching, physical preparation, nutrition, etc.
Kinesport's determination is to make science and its practical applications accessible but also to transmit a professional behavior that is part of a scientific approach.
It is for this reason that Kinesport is an associate member of ECOSEP, the European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians, whose mission is to improve the skills of sports physicists as well as the monitoring and care of athletes through training, publications and research articles.

Kinesport is also 22 administrative, logistical, educational and media people dedicated to accompanying you.
Kinesport has offices in Plailly, Sète and Strasbourg and deploys its training in 15 other locations.
The pedagogical team is composed of 50 people including trainers and pedagogical managers.
DPC organization (continuing professional development)